Massage Envy Sucks

i am cancelling my membership as soon as i get me next massage. the therapist i have is amazing. the company just sucks

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  • AgainstMassageEnvy

    Massage Envy – Sex Abuse – Billion $ Company Turns Their Head
    Has anyone that worked or is currently working at a massage envy ever witness a customer making a complaint of being inappropriately touched? If so, how did management handle it? I heard from someone that the HQ tells the franchise location to not report such complaints to the board of health … do you know if this is true?

    I ask b/c there was an employee there who assaulted a girl … it was reported to the police, but not the board of health. The police didn’t have enough evidence to punish criminally … but if it had been reported to board of health they could of done their own investigation and at the very least logged the complaint. This man went on to abuse several other women. If these incidents were reported to board of health they would have kept a state wide documentation to catch guys like this in a pattern of complaints early and could have prevented more victims.

    I here that this is happening an various massage envy locations around the nation and it is my understanding that Massage Envy doe not take proactive steps to do all they can to prevent it …. for example …. notifying all franchise location of the person so they can’t be rehired elsewhere and not reporting it to the state’s board of health.

    Any info or experience anyone has had with this would be helpful. I want to do all that I can to get this billion dollar corporation to implement changes in their process to protect their customer to the best of their ability. Currently they are acting carelessly and unethically. They should ensure every complaint no matter how big or small is reported to the board of health. They are selfishly not doing this to avoid the possibility of bad publicity at the expense of sexually abused customers.


    • Kelsea Briana Shields

      I used to work for Massage Envy and we would have to do annual training about inappropriate touch and inappropriate conduct so I believe Massage Envy understands the consequence of such actions if it happened via therapist or client and i feel that they would do what is needed to prevent it from happening again but I also think it depends on which franchise it is. Every massage envy has a different owner so, not every franchise deals with that the same. But either way, that is very much illegal and massage envy should not turn a blind eye to something like that. It could be the girls were too afraid to come forward Idk the whole story. But I’m sure the therapist was punished

      • Michael

        Massage Envy sucks…it was, is, and always will be a bad idea to corporatize the massage therapy industry. I have practiced since 1982 and this franchise is the worse thing that could happen to our trade!