I currently work for a Massage Envy Spa as a front desk attendant. The job itself is easy, but the company really only cares about money. The owners don’t seem to put much effort into the place and barely check up on the place. The pay is horrible. When I was hired, I received a paper that stated after 30 working days you get a dollar raise.. so that is $9.00 a hour. And after 6 months you get a .50 cent bonus if you meet sales goals. I have worked here for about 9 months and we received our dollar raise after 6 months…. not 30 days. Its hard to make ends meet and pay my bills. I feel as if I do a great job and treat all clients with respect. I try to not be to pushy on clients I know truly cant afford the membership but only to get bashed by management. Our massage therapists are very well trained, and I can say that they are treated with respect but the front desk is not. We all work like dogs, and work every single weekend, sometimes open to close. I am ready to leave this company and work for a real spa.

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  • Megan Smith

    It’s nice to hear that there are front desk people here that respect the client and aren’t pushy. It’s too bad the company doesn’t really care about respecting people.

  • Constance

    YOU might treat the therapists with respect, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the story is different amongst themselves. That’s how it was during the short time I worked at an ME “clinic”, and I only got the scoop from the front desk attendants because I managed to be and present myself as neutral. One of the employees feared she would be fired because she wasn’t making enough sales, and her hours were being cut as a result. This doesn’t strike me as a healthy working environment.

  • Read it again

    When you get hired in your TOLD that you have to meet certain goals. Honestly its NOT a hard job and if you do what your REQUIRED to do its not horrible. I don’t know what clinics your working in, but it doesn’t sound like any of the experiences I have had. Granted Im not always thrilled with my boys, however its pretty much exactly the job I signed up for when I was hired in. PAYROLL also is done from franchisee to franchisee; I personally have never had that issue.

  • Ashley

    You may have misunderstood what they were telling you. There was probably a CHANCE of a raise. And you need to meet your sales goal. That is your job. You are NOT a receptionist nor are you a front desk associate. You, my dear, are a SALES ASSOCIATE. And it will be like this for any company you are in. You must make the company money, to keep your job. If you are not producing anything, why are we paying you??