Massage Envy is horrible (Brickell location miami,fl)

Well first, massage therapists do not get hourly pay at all, not even minimum wage, so if there are no appointments they make 0$.Second,the backroom where the employees eat is about three feet from open garbage in other words all the garbage from the bathroom, the front desk trashes and so forth is right next to everyone , did i mention the room is exactly the size ofa medium sized mcdonalds rest room. ..third, the estheticians get paid an hourly rate BUT do not get paid for their facial services UNLESS they do 4 or more facials per day if not than even if you do two facials that day you will get paid your hourly 10$ an hour rate and will NOT be paid for your facial.Fourth, the threat of being fired on the spot is real and always around making employees fearful and lacking security in their emploment ,if your request percentage is low your fired,if you dont sell products as an esthetician your fired of you fall just a little under your percentage as a sales associate your fired, im not even exaggerating. If you dont wear your name tag or forget that day you are fined $10 dollars .As a front desk associate if you misplace a file you are docked $10 from your paycheck.As an esthetician ,the primary(longest working at massage envy) esthetician gets FULLY booked first than whatever is left over is given to the secondary (the last person to be hired)

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