Massaage Envy is a Scam Factory

Sometime in 2013, I discovered my local Massage Envy. Boy, was it a mistake for me to even walk in those doors. I was greeted by two women who immediately started throwing sales tactics at me. I wanted a massage, but really was not interested in a membership. I paid the introductory price, and received my first massage. Instead of just paying for it and leaving, I was asked to wait in their front room after getting my massage. I was so confused because I had never been asked to do this after getting a massage. Then a sales woman approached me and began to present the membership to me. I declined countless times. Instead of accepting my declination, they actually handed me the membership agreement. I’m like, “are you kidding me?” So to get the damn lady to shut up, I signed it, paid, and finally left. Little did I know, I had just signed the most ridiculous agreement in the history of contracts. Month after month, charge after charge, I finally got pissed off. I submitted a cancellation letter to my local store, and they said that it would be taken care of. About a week later, my wallet was stolen and I had to get a new card. I was worried because I thought that I had already paid the last membership fee…. WRONG. A month later, I was notified by mail that a collections agency needed my attention regarding 590 dollars in fees….. WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I frantically called my massage envy store and they said they had no record of my cancellation. A WRITTEN LETTER OF NOTICE THAT I HAD SUBMITTED FOUR WEEKS AGO! I asked them why the hell it was 590 dollars, and they kept changing the subject acting all kiss ass to me. I proceeded to tell them that they should really make it easier for people to cancel, and then people wouldn’t call them absolutely pissed off about charges that are unauthorized because they thought they had cancelled their membership. It’s now 2015, and I believe that they are still charging my old credit card for my CANCELLED membership. How is this legal?! I’m paying for massages that I can’t use because my membership is not active…. Complete criminals and absolutely unethical sales people who suck people into a contract they don’t want, and can’t cancel. Hope Massage Envy likes my lawyer more than they like me, because they’ll be hearing from him soon….

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  • The Real Batman

    WAHHHHHHHHHHH. You say no. Get up and walk out the door. they are not going to tase you. “signed it” to “shut them up”. Only fault is your own.