Lost dollars

I just cancelled my membership to Massage Envy and the manager of my clinic told me we could work something out so I could use my many unused massage visits. She never called back and I did not sign any paperwork. I called just this week to schedule on of my 20 unused massages, and they are all gone! $1180 down the drain and in someone’s pocket at Massage Envy. This company needs to be shut down for unethical practices.

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  • Kayla

    You have to be an active member to use massages…much like any other membership. You need to be an active member to redeem member sessions. If you are paying for a gym membership and stop paying…you can no longer use the gym once you stop paying. This is no different.

  • massage envy is the worst

    They’re not gone. The manager can reactivate them. The manager can reactivate your membership and waive payments.

  • Piper

    Yes, they can reactivate them but they are not going to unless you rejoin and are an active member. You can’t use the gym if you aren’t paying for it, much like Kayla said. I’m also assuming that the manager told you that there was a form that you needed to fill out but you did not, which means they cannot cancel you. It is part of the agreement you signed up for in the beginning that you have to fill out a cancellation form. You’re lucky they didn’t send you to collections because if they all expired that probably means you went into immediate cancel mode from lack of payments on your account for four months in a row. It is your responsibility as the member to keep track of your membership although at least at my location we call members with accrued services and also if their payment did not go through that month.

  • Madeleine Leader

    Has anyone tried the Freeze Plus method mentioned in another thread? I have not been to a Massage Envy in a really long time — so long that I don’t even know how many massages I have stocked up. I want to stop paying them $60.00 a month until I use all my massages, but don’t want to cancel since they are likely to not let me use the massage I’ve paid for (or just make it really hard to get them). Anyone know if a loophole like this works?