just the worst (from a therapist)

YAH!!!.. i quit about a month ag, heard about this website a couple days ago and decided to SAVE YOU ALL FROM THE HORROR.. this place sucks.. i have been working here for a couple years .. all i get is the runaround from these people.. i have been a good, hard-working employee and this b*** katherin trubitcho… what the hell ever her name is, doesnt even do her job. shes nice to your face then talks crap about you behind your back. this is not how you run someone elses company.
they tell you over and over again you NEED to get this person to sign up.
Its a numbers game, thats all they care about. They work therapists to the bone for crappy pay. They ask so much of the staff and as soon as you ask them for a raise, a day off or even a friggin kleenex they ignore you and act like your never there.
When you talk to them about it, they just give excuses.

The membership is awesome.. if massage envy in general offers their clients more, i think you all would be happier… I would be too..


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  • bamboozled13

    What location did you work for?

  • Constance

    I only survived a month there, as well. I liked my clients, but feeling burned out after only a few weeks kinda tells one that something is wrong.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3CNHFFXQM5SRVJ337CULEPP35M Andrew Woods

    Very unprofessional. Your unprofessionalism and non-sophistication is very much present. Massage Envy is a franchise meaning they all are owned and operated differently. At my location we focus on the clients their session goals. We don’t deal with the numbers, the Clinic Admin do that.

    It is not the therapist responsibility to book or sign up prospects for memberships, it is the sales associates. The pay is what it is. You knew the pay before you signed up. If you have car notes, house notes and debt, then you are going to struggle no matter what franchise or job you are in. Until you learn how to manage yourself, your attitude, your finances, you have no hope. Either manage your life or your life will manage you.

    • megan

      Well isn’t that nice for you, at my location if a prospect does not sign up it reflects directly on the therapist, and to a lesser degree the sales associate. Your numbers are posted on the wall for everyone to see and that is all they truly care about. You shouldn’t be calling people unprofessional because their circumstances differ from your own.”non-sophistication”? get a life Massage Envy poster boy.

    • Denny Wise

      Your arrogance in looking down upon your fellow therapists shows you belong at a corporate McMassage place like Envy. How great for you that you don’t deal with numbers with memberships; as far as I’ve seen, you seem to be the only location out of the thousands in the US that do so. There’s plenty of negative feedback and class-action lawsuits to prove it. Again, keep thinking you’re making a career out of working at ME while your manager/owners barely gives you a 20% cut for your services. Keep thinking you have the adequate time and energy to really form a good wellness relationship with your clients. That five minutes between hands-off and meeting your next client’s an eternity, right?