Is There Still a Class Action Lawsuit Pending?

Does anyone know if there is still a class action lawsuit pending on Massage Envy for their unethical practices and forfeiture of unused prepaid massages?

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  • Liz
    • MEdude

      You are just the dumbest person on here.

      Reading does wonders you twat, that’s the date anyone included in the class action lawsuit can exclude themselves. It’s still ongoing.

      • ria13

        Why you gotta call people names? Wtf is your problem jerkoff? You could have given her the same information without being a cocky cock.

        • MEdude

          Because she’s been snotty cunt since she started posting, but by all means shove your nose in and do exactly what you think others shouldn’t. Bitch.

          • mk

            And what does that make you?

  • massageenvyblows

    Don’t worry that wretched bitch has been blocked from commenting!!