Injured by Massage

My husband and I have been using Massage Envy’s services for several years in Meridian, Idaho. Due to an original car accident and neck injury I have spent close to $4,000 in massages within that time frame. I finally found a good therapist. On 11/18/15 my normal therapist Latisha was booked up so they set me up with a different therapist named Steve’ (a girl). I explained about a labral tear in my right shoulder and asked for her to work on my neck and back only. She focused a large majority of time on my Left shoulder, for some reason. She repeatedly separated my shoulder and pulled it apart. I asked her to stop and luckily she did on the right shoulder. I left the massage not completely happy with it but hoped the pain in my left shoulder would go away due to her separating it.
I waited about a week and the pain did not go away but got worse. Unfortunately I knew at this point that I was injured badly and knew my left shoulder had a tear in it due to the massage. I called the Meridian Idaho location and talked to the front desk. After an unneeded sales pitch she transferred me to the Director of Operations Randy Young. I explained the situation to him and he was very cold about the injury. He was more concerned about the therapist and selling more messages. He told me that I should go see a doctor and that they were not responsible because of the contract. I asked to talk to the franchise owners and he said he would contact them. I went to see the doctor and unfortunately due to the message I now have a torn left shoulder.
I had not heard back from Randy Young or the owner of the franchise so I emailed him to give him the Doctors findings. Another girl called me because of the email and completely harassed me about an upcoming appointment and needed an answer if I was going to keep the appointment. I explained to her that I was in a lot of pain and would like to speak to the owners she said she would pass on the information but kept asking over and over again, without any empathy for the injury, if I wanted to keep my appointment. So I canceled it. I did not hear back from anyone again so I called to cancel our membership and to make another attempt to work this situation out.
Due to the inexperience of the young lady that is new to message I now have a lifelong very painful injury. I am scheduled for physical therapy and injections. Unfortunately the only way to fix an injury like this is surgery. The pain is extreme. I have been a valuable customer of Message Envy for many years and have spent a large amount of money. I believe I deserve a phone call from someone who actually might care that this happened to me and try to work out a resolution. Also, was the therapist counseled on her techniques so she is not injuring anyone else? As far as I know nothing has been done about this. Hopefully this email will be read by someone who might actually care about people and safe business practices. I am asking for someone with authority to please call me and look into this situation. This is a serious injury and it is important that this is addressed immediately so someone else does not get hurt.

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  • Kayla

    This kind of thing is rare. However, all massage therapists at massage envy are insured. You should call again and ask about insurance helping you

  • Esani

    Let me first say that I am sorry to hear of this. 
    I agree that your situation is rare. However since it has happened I would continue to push. 
    The therapist must know that they injured you to prevent such a thing happening again. It sounds like faulty technique making it all the more probable in happening to another person. Honestly though, the therapist may not even remember due to the conveyor belt scheduling of massages back to back and volume of clients she may have seen. This makes it even more important to remind her of what she did that caused this for you. 
    And yes, Therapists are ensured under Massage Envy but they may also have their own insurance as well.

    Im spit balling but here are some extra things you can do:
    1. Laywer up. Just having one will cause them to take you more seriously. Anything written by a laywer will get their attention for sure.
    2. Check the credation of massage therapy in Idaho. You may be able to register a complaint directly under her certification.
    3. You can also try contacting Massage Envys corporate lines. Possibly mention bringing this story to news media as this would hurt their brand of health and well being. Not sure how useful thisll be but its another thing you can try.

    • IndependentGeorge

      No, this has nothing to do with technique.

      The shoulder was torn and ANY kind of massage to that area was contraindicated. The writer is saying that they told the therapist not to work there but they did anyway and that caused further damage.

  • Mooshoo46

    I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and I know for a fact each one of us has our own Liability insurance. My understanding is that the franchises don’t have to have liability insurance by law but it would be in their best interest. Hiring a lawyer is a good route. Knowing what I do about Massage Envy you won’t get anywhere with their corporate HQ.

    Good luck and don’t back down

  • IndependentGeorge

    You said your labral tear was due to a car accident, but later you say it’s from the massage. Which is it?

    You’re very confused about what massage management can do. They are not qualified to “counsel” a licensed therapist how to massage anymore than a hospital staff manager can tell a surgeon how to perform brain surgery. Doctors and MTs can lose their licenses. They and they alone are responsible for the work they do to maintain those licenses, so no, some untrained Billy Bob manager can’t tell them how to perform their jobs.

    The way your rant is worded, it seems you’re sniffing around ME looking for an easy payout. A business isn’t going to give you that. If your doctor actually said that the tear was from massage then you should have no problem getting a lawyer to sue the therapist responsible, so why haven’t you?

    You’ll have a difficult time explaining why you stayed silent and allowed her to work where you didn’t want her to. You weren’t bound and gagged while held prisoner. If she was working where you said not to then logically she probably didn’t hear that at intake, and all you had to do was speak up to clear the misunderstanding. Your problem is of your own making.