I was sexually assaulted by a Massage Envy therapist

On December 27, 2011 I went to Massage Envy for a 2 hour massage. I have chronic migraines and upper back and neck pain so what should have been an appt of healing and relaxation was anything but that. The massage therapist at massage envy sexually assaulted me. I have been getting massages for the last 12 years at massage envy, cruise ships, resorts, ect. Therefore this was not something that can be chalked up as a misunderstanding or an overreaction on my part. I’m well aware of what is and isn’t an appropriate place to touch or expose. I left the facility in shock, confused, foggy, disgusted, felt dirty, gross and in disbelief. I reported the incident immediately and filed a report with the General Manger. They did take the therapist off the schedule for 5 days during the holidays but he is now back at work and I am sick about it.

When I discovered this creep was back on the schedule at Massage Envy I contacted the General Manager and she informed me that they investigated the incident. She explained to me that they had to consider the number of massages he has performed, lack of complaints of the same nature, and that he was well liked by the staff. It was difficult for me to report this guy because I knew he was well liked and in such high demand that he is hard to get an appt with. I understand that it is my word against his but reminded her that I have nothing to gain by reporting the incident. I stressed to her that I have been a massage envy member since 2006 and have never felt even slightly uncomfortable with a therapist at their facility or any other massage establishment. I reminded her that the coach at Penn State was well liked also. Are you kidding me, well liked?!? That’s how these guys get away with it for so long. It’s called grooming! I was violated at my 4th appt with him, after he had gained my trust at the prior 3 appts! Bottom line is he broke the law! I have pressed criminal charges against this guy? Whether he is prosecuted or not I want there to be a record of what he did to me.

The next person that has the courage to report him will know that Massage Envy knew that he was a molester and gave him the place, opportunity and provided the victim for his “pleasure”. I do not believe that I am his first victim’. I may be the first person that exposed him but I will not be the last.

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