Harder Please

Dear Massage Envy,

I wish you would have made this easier for both of us – fortunately for me I’m on vacation for the rest of ┬áthe year, all my Christmas shopping is done…and I have nothing but time on my hands.

After being totally screwed by your deceptive sales tactics, a quick search of the good ole’ World Wide Web led me to hundreds, if not thousands, of other disgruntled Massage Envy customers. I felt it only appropriate to give everyone else one place to share the ironically stressful and frustrating experience they have had with Massage Envy Spa. Yes, as you have mentioned, I have apparently signed a contract which obligated me to pay for months of massages with no ability to cancel regardless if I actually received any massages. What I find most upsetting is how the lovely employee behind the counter sold me on a “discount membership” which would instantly save me money on my first (and only) massage and failed to mention that I would be selling my soul to your company for 6-12 months with no option to cancel. My local franchise owner couldn’t have cared less about my frustrations and offered no remedy other than paying for my entire contract up front and your corporate website provides no other contact for complaints. I told you I wanted it forceful but I think you took it the wrong way.

Let the games begin…

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  • MM

    I think in the contract it says you have 30 days to cancel after you sign up! You may want to take a glance at that. It will help you in your fight! Thanks for being an advocate for clients and therapist alike.. in fact anyone who has had a bad experience at this place!

  • Waaaambulance

    Hmmm, another who can’t read and comprehend. Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    The only logical explanation for you to come here and comment on every post, and submit your own, is that you work for Massage Envy! Hopefully your ignorance will fade one day and you will see what a shoddy company you work for… either on your own, or when they finally disappear! Thanks for visiting us and be sure to spread the word! :-)