Frustrating Appointment Request

I sent my appointment request on Saturday night. The next day, The representative called me to confirm the appointment and asked me if I could change the time of that day I request. I agreed to change the time and I also reminded her I have a free 1 hour massage coupon. Then, she wanted me to hold on……and then the phone was hung up. So I called back to confirm if I am on the schedule. The representative told me that I wasn’t on the schedule and the appointments of this month are all booked. I told her about the confirmation phone call and she just told me again the schedule is all full. So, I ask her do I need to reschedule by the website or what should I do? She repeated again that the appointments are all booked this month. I already felt frustrated so I just said thank you,bye-bye~ and ended the conversation.

I was wondering if the all the appointments are booked, why only ask me to change the time rather than the day?……. okay, I know my English is not fluent so they might not think I was seriously want to make a massage appointment.

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