Freeze Plus (Use your prepaid massages while having a frozen account)

Freeze Plus is an option to use on your account when you want to use your prepaid (un-used) sessions. All you do is pay a $10 fee (I know, right- another fee!) and you can use those sessions without paying $60 a month. They are supposed to offer this to you if have 5+ sessions and they believe you are at-risk for cancelling your membership.

Keep in mind that this information is probably not even known to many clinics yet as the company is still rolling it out. This shift in policy is stemming from the result of the lawsuit.

Their execution of this is dodgy and is likely to result in billing errors since they have to write down when they will charge your card the $10 fee. It’s not an automatic charge that replaces your current billing (even if they tell you it is). The software they use isn’t capable of swapping out the normal monthly charge with the $10.00 fee so they will use a retail product code called “Freeze Plus”.

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  • Madeleine Leader

    Do you just use the online form to request Freeze Plus? Has anyone used this with success?

    • Noneuknow

      My son used this. He got rooked into this membership package while working at a strenuous job. He was a 20 year old college student in a shoestring budget. He was injured on the job and could not get massages, so he froze his account after they would not let him out of his membership. There should be a way. I am furious with them as after his account was unfrozen, he still could not use the massages, so he just paid $65 a month until the contract was out. Yet, the rolled over his membership and told him he couldn’t cancel. He didn’t have the nerve to complain as he’s a 20 year old kid and they use strong arm tactics.
      I’m furious with them and will make sure I complain about them every chance I get.
      The freeze account doesn’t help. Don’t get a contract!! Think if you joined a gym and didn’t go and they wouldn’t let you cancel. Their policies are inhumane. Greedy

      • Gloria Baxevanis

        Same happened to me. They froze my account, though my understanding was that they cancel it per my request (they have notes in the system that I requested cancelation instead they talked me into freezing but never said anything about automatic “unfreeze”) … I never got a copy of any document I signed and they “un-froze” my account six month later and starting charging my credit card w/o letting me know. I was absolutely convinced the membership is canceled and did not even check till recently. So now I am couple of hundreds $ out and trying to get
        my money back as there were no services rendered. No phone call, no nothing.They happily charged my cc but did not ever call me to make an appointment since according to them I never canceled…. theft, that’s what they are doing. Sure, I should have never trusted them, so partially my fault for trusting them. Also, what kind of company is this that has you sign docs but never gives you a copy for your records?