Former Front Desk

I worked as a sales associate at Massage Envy in Arizona for a year and a half. I was promoted at every review and was consistent with my sales. I was very close with my staff and therapists.

My problems developed six months before I quit, when my male boss was saying extremely sexually inappropriate things to me. I did not get one single apology from Massage Envy’s owner, who claims to be a “conservative, modest man”, and it took nearly one month for my male supervisor to be disciplined – and I got written up after I complained about his behavior. It took almost another month for management to fire this man. Again, I received no act of remorse, not even a telephone call.

After this, management took a turn for the worse and promoted my Assistant Manager’s best friend to another Assistant Manager position. This created a hostile, cliquey and very judgmental work environment. The managers (including my Clinic Admin.) would spend literally hours in the office with the door closed, poking fun or degrading everyone from the massage therapists, the front desk girls and even customers. We were losing employees faster than management could hire them, and it was clear that the issue was our new asst. manager and her lack of management skills, people skills and all around attitude.

Upon telling my supervisor how I (and others) felt, the problems increased to where the Asst. Managers wouldn’t do anything all day and as a Senior Wellness Adviser, the responsibilities were placed on my shoulders. When the responsibilities were not met, when I could no longer work from 7 in the morning until 10 at night, when I asked for help and received none, when I identified the problem, they wrote me up repeatedly and demoted me.

Upon being demoted, I wrote my polite resignation e-mail and sent it the next day. My supervisor called me, as if nothing had happened and spoke to me as if I were a customer at her business rather than someone she had worked with day in and day out for a year and a half. I had 24 hours to return my store keys and I would be receiving my last check shortly. However, my last check reflected the pay of a sales associate and not a Senior Wellness Adviser. The difference was only .50, but it’s the principle that I was demoted at the end of the day I left, not for the entire pay period.

At Massage Envy, it is clear to me that money is the only thing they care about. Each manager that told me that they “care about me” and told me to “come to them with a problem”, showed me that they did not care, and that their ears were closed to issues when the issues involved people that they favor. I have jumped through hoops for this company and took more B.S. than anyone should. Massage Envy is a horrible company to work for and a horrible company to put your trust into as a customer.

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