Finally got some help

After close to a year of empty promises of call backs and resolution of being 1. overcharged and 2. stalling over canceling my membership. I know franchising well enough to know that corporate headquarters can rarely do anything for you unless their franchisee has broken the law or their policy but I also know that every Corporate Headquareters will always have binding clauses for franchisees about customer disputes. So I resorted to LinkedIn to find who at their Corporate Headquarters to talk to in order to resolve my issue as there was no way that stalling cancelations for months was not against the binding clause. I then called their Corporate Headquarters and requested the contact information for Robert Fish, sent an email about my issue, and received a call back from him the next day. He then connected me with a woman who works in his department who after 3 calls finally got me my membership cancelled and a refund for 4 months that I waited for cancelation. While I’ll never ever set foot in a Massage Envy again or not repeat my story to everyone I know at least someone did the right thing to help me. If your having similar issues try contacted Robert at Good luck!

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  • massageenvyblows

    Thanks for the info! Added to the contacts list. Do you also have a phone number by chance?