I’ve never been a customer at Massage Envy. I have my reasons, some of which coincide with those that make me want to avoid working there. I am going to graduate massage school soon however and ME is the first place to call me back. I’ll try to get to the point.
I’ve been to two interviews for a sales associate position and i have been hired. The location I am going to work for is in Montgomery County, MD and they are not open yet because of something about the Fire Marshall. The supervisors have stayed in contact with us though. They keep pushing the opening date back and bothering us about online training. I feel like they are taking advantage of us because the spa isn’t open yet. So they are trying to have us trained and ready on opening day. That’s awesome! But I have never, ever had a job where the training was unpaid, including online training.
It is not difficult but it truly does require time and participation. Passing the quizzes requires 100%! We can not miss one question.
I got a call on a Sunday evening from someone who didn’t even specify their position with the company who told me all of the training is required in order for us to get paid. She asked “Do you understand that?” and I replied “No, but it’s fine”. Later she sent out a group email to me and other employees that had what she stated to me earlier in bold: YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL THE TRAINING PRIOR TO GETTING PAID.
I have looked up federal and state laws and I am completely open to other interpretations but I am pretty sure they have to train us and pay us while they do so. Any involuntary training required for the job has to be paid. I’ve never heard of pre-employment training, just urine tests, background checks, etc. This isn’t pre-employment anyway, because I’ve been hired according to them.
I haven’t asked them about it because I am quite sure that they will say something along the lines of “Nobody else has questioned it. You don’t have to work for us.”
I decided to do the training because I sorta kinda need a job, but I am reporting this to BBB and ME’s corporate office—if that exists. Clicking on the corporate link on the website leads nowhere.
Is this a regular practice for this company? Have you guys ever had training that was required and necessary for the proper performance of the job and yet unpaid? Thank you very much.

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