Don’t go there

I was A former employee for massage envy. The clinic administrators don’t care. The one in particular that I work for her name was Dyna. She was very short and nasty with the customers. Talked about the employees behind their back. Clearly unprofessional. I was written up before because a therapist said that I had an attitude with them. When asked who the therapist was so I could right my wrong she then said she couldn’t disclose that information (mind you I had only been working there for a month and only said hi and bye to everyone so I honestly had no idea who it was but felt bad) but Dyna kept on she would make comments and say you’re not fit to work in customer service, do you even like your job things of that nature. I got so fed up with them I found another job and didn’t go back. All of her remarks regarding my customer service ability is a joke because I am now head of my customer service department and make triple her “clinic administrator” paycheck.

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