do not work here

I have never been to an interview where I had to tell the hiring person about the job. They asked me, “Do you even know what this job requires?” They talked to me like I was stupid, and very disrespectful. Then they bashed Woodhouse which was so rude and inappropriate. I told them my mother was a massage therapist there and they still proceeded to bash it. I was very shocked at how unprofessional everyone looked and dressed, their style was horrible, and it was literally one of the worst interviews I have ever had. The hiring assistant should be fired because she made me very uncomfortable, and I do not reccommend anyone go to massage envy!

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  • Bianca

    I applied online for an Esthetician position at the Fontana, CA location. I was called back within a couple weeks, scheduled an interview they didn’t even require me to fill out an application. When I asked about filling one out they said “That’s okay its not necessary.” Then when I arrived to the location the girl at the front desk didn’t greet me with a smile or ask how I was or anything courteous at all. She just looked at me and said “How can I help you?” in a flat tone no less. I told her what I was there for and she told me to have a seat and that she would notify the manager. She then turned to the other girl at the desk and they both started talking about their weekend and where they were going to drink, mind you there were two guests sitting in the lobby in front of them and waiting for their appointments. Also this whole time there were about a handful of massage therapists just hanging out around the front desk not doing anything productive just talking about personal things. I got up and reminded the receptionist that I was waiting for an interview, she then said “oh yeah I forgot, my bad” and finally called the manager. I went through the interview and the manager just asked me a few vague questions and said she would call me. I figured that was it but she did call me back a few days later. I came in to do a “product knowledge presentation” she said if that went well than I would be called back for a practical. The lead Esthetician came in and asked me if I was ready for the practical, I wasn’t. I felt like I needed some time to prepare myself. She then just said “I’m going to drape myself in the next room, when I get back these are the products I want you to use.” No short overview or anything. I did my best but she didn’t seem to impressed with it so she said she would review her notes and call me back. She never did. A few days later I got one of those general “thank you for submitting your resume and we’ll contact you if we’re interested” emails not even in response to my practical or interview or anything. Needless to say i’m glad I didn’t get hired.