Do not join this organization

After registering for a massage and receiving their confirmation email, that also stated they would call to confirm, I never heard from them. The day before the massage, I called to confirm. They claim they never heard of me or my appointment. Then wanted me to sign up for a membership and take an appoint not convenient to me. The person answering the phone was rude and could care less about customer service. He would not let me speak to a manager or customer service. So, I have resorted to writing bad reviews. I do not recommend this franchise as they do not want customers.

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  • Turnerhj1012

    This happened to me also at the Alexandria, VA location.

  • Trisha Hoglan

    My mother got me a gift certificate for a couples massage and even though I had a paid gift certificate they would NOT book an appointment unless I gave them MY credit card information to store in their system. This is B.S.!

  • Mary

    i just found out they will not reimburse me my funds when i didn’t know i had signed up for a month to month contract and found out that they were taking 60$ out of my account without my knowledge. I only found this out. When i checked my account to pay my rent that I needed before I got evicted out of my apartment. Now if i could afford this it would not be a problem. I called them and they reimbursed me 120$ of the 6 months. Then stated that all they will pay is for 2 months. I feel was taken advantage of from Massage Envy to the fullest. I never went to any of the sessions they were charging me for. This i feel is just they stole from me what i can’t or couldn’t afford