Disgusting Bedford Hills

I have never had issue at Massage Envy in Bedford Hills NY and then suddenly out of nowhere I get a call from some person claiming to be the franchise owner who didn’t speak English very well and basically terminated my membership for no reason. He claimed my therapist had a problem with me changing before he left the room. Really? News flash, men change in front of men. It’s no big deal. If what this jerk claims is valid then every gym, fitness center, sports arena and spa containing a locker room must immediately shut down. Interesting how the therapist never mentioned a problem. And I am owed a half hour but the moron refused to credit back my card so I will dispute it with the credit card company. I seriously recommend to anyone in Westchester County NY to avoid Massage Envy like the plague. This dude was disgusting. He should be thrown out of the country.

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