What an unprofessional group of people Massage Envy has working in their northern San Diego location.  The girls who work there are young and have a bad attitude.  Like many of the 20 somethings today, they cannot handle any kind of feedback that is not 100% positive about your experience there.  They are rude and snippy, and act like they’re doing you a favor by taking your money for what is often a mediocre massage.  It is obvious that these franchisees are only in this to make money and not to provide excellent customer service–because all they care about is making a buck, taking your money, cheating you out of your time that you’ve paid for, and making the whole experience feel like a complete rip-off.

Too bad David Humphrey doesn’t care a damn about the company’s outside image or reputation.  If he did, he’d have a closer handle on what is going on.  From what I’ve read, many people have shared my bad experience here.

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