Corporate Contacts

I’ve also recently had an issue with my local Massage Envy and wanted to escalate my concerns to the Corporate Office…only to find out their all independently owned and operated by Franchise Owners. When I asked the franchise owner for a contact at corporate all he would do is give me the regional managers information.

I did a little research on, the main company page and it seems like they really don’t want you to find any concrete contact information. If anyone has some good contact information for someone actually at the corporate office I would greatly appreciate it!!

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  • itsme1

    Jeffrey Frankel is the Cheif legal officer at Massage Envy Corporate office 480-366-4125. Good luck hope this helps!

    • Massage Envy Blows

      Thank you for the additional information. As we gather more phone numbers we plan to revamp the contact sheet and add all of those as well! :-)

  • Massage Envy Blows

    This post inspired us to do some digging and find us much contact information as we could so we created a “Take Action” Section. It will be a continuous work in progress as we find more information. Check it out here:

  • Reikipowerhealing

    I worked for Massage Envy and I can tell you that corporate will never contact you or handle your concerns, ever. You have to go to the Clinic Administrator or Franchisees.

  • Heather Flynn

    I’m employed at Massage Envy in Cherry Hill, NJ and manager & owner are so negligent. Not only with employees, but also clients-desk girls Toniann & Kelsey are always making mistakes & it makes us therapists look really bad when in fact I’ve never worked with a better group of therapists! If you have complaints you won’t have them resolved by manager, Jenn or owner, Nancy. Call Jeffrey Frankel-Chief Legal Officer at 480-366-4125 or write to David Humphrey-CEO at 14350 N. 87th St. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 (corp. office). Use your voice!