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Complaints, comments, reviews, and experiences from other frustrated customers of Massage Envy

Aug 06

how to deal

I had a massage that was decent aside from the fact that the lady was telling me how horrible my back was for a 27 year old. the whole time making me feel like a grandma . they coaxed me into a what they call membership. after 4 days i looked over and saw it was a contract for 6 months. i decided i didnt have the money for this contract and that i better save my money for my doctor appointments. so i went to my bank and changed my card number. massage envy called a month later to get my updated info. i told them i was no longer a member there. they told me i signed a … Read More

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Aug 06


I purchased $180.00 in gift cards to be used as business gifts and my own personal use.After the first use of the Gift Card, the Manager (Herah) and Owner (Aditi) at the Blossom Hill location in San Jose, California did not honor their agreements or terms of the policies.

They refused to refund or Credit back my account. Basically, they got their money and then played games. When I challenged them about the situation they acted like they were Bank of America…Beware of deceptive business practices and rude, arrogant attitude.

Do not patronize this location!!Bad business.

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Aug 06

Watch out!

I was an employee for a Ohio Massage Envy location for a year and was forced to do 30+ deep tissue massages a week. As a result of this I am now badly injured and looking at a life altering surgery for my shoulder. I don’t even have my freaking education payed off yet! WARNING do not work for or go to a massage envy ever! they work people like slaves with no regard to their health. Once I was injured and had to take time off work, no one called to check on me or see if they could help in any way. They cut me off and left me out in the cold. Stop letting massage envy get … Read More

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Aug 06


Scam!!!! Do not sign up for this!
They will get you to commit for a year and then give you the run around when it comes time to cancel the account. The cost is exactly the same as other spas in town except the other spas don’t make you commit to a full year. I was foolish to sign up for this and I really regret it. There’s a reason they force you to sign up for a long term agreement…. they know you will want to cancel and they want to trap you. Don’t be dumb. Go somewhere else.

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Aug 06

Massage Envy Scam

I’m in another state so I hope this expands..I have over 30 prepaids. I have tried closing my account but keep telling I will lose them all. I asked to stop charging me but then they tell me I can’t use the prepaids if they put it on hold. This happened to me with their sister company Face Logic. I had over $100 in prepaids they went out of business so I lost everything. I called and wrote the home office and even contacted the better business bureau but NOTHING! I need my $$

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Aug 06

Unethical and unprofessional

I signed a six month contract and learned a big mistake. I only went a few times bc I felt like the male massage therapist was inappropriate by leaving my body uncovered during parts of the massage and touching me in areas outside of the understood zones. I’ve been having professional massages for 10+ years and very familiar with what is appropriate and what is not. In addition, I have continued to be charged the monthly fee after the contract ended. I’ve called the manager several times at Howell Mill and have never received a return phone call. My credit card company is now dealing with them. Very unprofessional and unethical establishment.

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Aug 06

Do Not Associate!

An employee was fired in my location (Massage Envy central new jersey).
A text went out to employees that they were not to associate with or speak to this person. If you do, you will be “Terminated.”
So now they get to dictate who you see or speak with outside of work.
Is this even legal? (By the way, the person was fired for not doing a good job – not stealing or anything like that.)

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Aug 06

I had a beer before massage -they said no massage

OMG, I am 50 years old have had massages every 3 weeks for years. Always had a glass of wine or a beer before hand- and mentioned to therapist-I am from OH – move to Naples- went massage envy got the so called contract had amassage- called month later schedule it was for 8:30pm I said great I will have sushi and a beer before hand- the lady who I spoke with said have two-lol.. I arrived for appoint told therapist I must go to restroom I had a beer- she said”I CAN’T GIVE YOU A MASSAGE IF YOU HAVE HAD ANYTHING TO DRINK” I thougth she was joking… well she said if I wouldn’t of said anything she would … Read More

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