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Complaints, comments, reviews, and experiences from other frustrated customers of Massage Envy

Aug 13

I Hate This Company!

When I signed up for Massage Envy in Boulder, CO., I was assured by the rep at the counter that I could “cancel anytime” which was a flat-out LIE. I was told later that I had been put on a year-long massage plan that I didn’t want. I tried to cancel and now they’re telling me that I can’t until my husband and I both pay for another five months of crappy service. It’s impossible to get a massage because there are never any open appointments. They keep telling me I have no choice but to keep paying, and yet they won’t help me access their service.

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Aug 12

Liz isn’t really liz

So this Liz chick that is always posting on here defending Massage Envy isn’t even named Liz, according to the facebook profile she signed up with:

Her real name is Jenna Quaranta and she works at the Massage Envy Spa – Ramsey location:

Call her up and talk over the phone!

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Aug 06

Terrible Customer Service

I know someone who went there for a massage the other day. The massage was nice but afterwards the sales pitch is what made the experience terrible. After Massage Envy were told NO about signing up, they were very rude to the customers. I would recommend going to get a massage at Sego Lily, they might be a little more pricier but they do not give a sales pitch and treat you rude when you say No.

Massage Envy, Union Park Midvale Utah

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Aug 06

Massasge Envy in Lafayette LA

I honestly see no reason to ever get a membership with Massage Envy. I should never have signed up with them. There is no benefit to it. In fact, getting a membership is likely to lose you money in the long run.

I just cancelled my account after having it for about 8 months. I signed up for an initial 6 months, not knowing that there would be auto renewal. I finally realized they were still charging me, called them, and found out that I couldn’t cancel over the phone. I had to visit their physical address to and sign paperwork to cancel. This is 2014! I can cancel damn near every subscription with the click of a button, but … Read More

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Aug 06

Petition to Raise Wages at Massage Franchises

Check out this petition on Apparently Massage Envy paid $25 per hour when they first opened (of course they weren’t yet a franchise), compared to the $15 they pay now. Reverse inflation in the pay rate, and they are definitely bringing down the industry’s standards of pay.

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Aug 06

I know how the game works. I worked it.

I worked as a FDA for a very busy and understaffed clinic. Let me just start off saying that in theory the program seems great. People can pay 60 bucks a month for a massage or facial and if there are chronic problems then the program would really help people and it has. However, sometimes I wonder with the amount of people we have helped, how many more have suffered? How many more have come to Massage Envy looking to relax and left more stressed out then when they first entered the clinic?

I tried to quit about 4 months into the job because the therapists were cruel to us and management seemed to not be doing their jobs. I … Read More

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Aug 06

happy endings?

Back in May, I made an appointment at the Massage Envy in Garwood NJ. Since I have never been there before, I did not have any therapist in particular that I was looking to go to, so they scheduled me with Christopher. Being a female, my first thought was that I wasn’t 100% comfortable with having a male massage therapist, but I figured it was a professional place and I was just being silly so I went along with scheduling the appointment. I showed up for my scheduled appointment and just had a weird felling about it from the beginning. When getting into the room, Christopher left so i could disrobe and get under the sheet. Upon returning he adjusted … Read More

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Aug 06


I purchased a ME membership a little over year ago. Last fall, due to financial hardships and the fact that I rarely had time to spare for the massages, I put the membership “on hold”. During the span of the “hold” my debit card expired, then my debit card was “compromised” (thanks to Target). I was issued a new card. Several months later, someone at ME was able to obtain my NEW debit card info and began charging my account!! They charged me for 2 months at once because “allegedly” they had tried to contact me. I had no missed phone calls, messages, emails, etc. I spoke with the manager and she could not explain how she fraudulently obtained my … Read More

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Aug 06

Deceptive Advertising?

The way to become wealthy in corporate America is to get as much from your customers as possible while paying your workers as little as possible. Massage Envy does this well. Consider their advertising tactics. They frequently call their 50-minute massage a “one hour session.” Included in this hour is “dress time.” They should advertise their massages at 50-minutes (which is how long the therapist works on you if you are lucky), not an hour. With their “discounted rate” you pay about a dollar a minute for every minute the therapist is working on your body. If you shop around you will find other spas offering the SAME price, except they don’t lock you into a contract. In fact, other … Read More

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