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Jan 23

Won’t Honor Gift Card

In the midst of breast cancer therapy, my wife bought me a gift card for a massage for my birthday. Between illness and raising three teens, I lost the card. I called the store and was told they could find no record of the purchase. Strange, so I stopped by. Yes sir, we do see your wife paid 83.46 for your card. Great, we’re in business I thought. I was then told that they couldn’t give me another card or even just book a massage and honor it. Nothing. Nada. I can’t believe it!

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Jan 13

will it ever end?

I had(have) a membership with a certain location, but I’ve moved since then. It’s been MORE THAN A YEAR and they still refuse to transfer my account to a new location. So I froze my account so that I didn’t have to pay a location where I wasn’t getting massages. I kept asking for the correct forms from BOTH locations and nothing is being done about it! Now I’m still getting calls from a location where I don’t even live, and they want my money. I’ve explained I don’t know how many times that I don’t even live there. At least 4 people have said they would email me the appropriate paperwork to get transferred, but it hasn’t happened.

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Jan 13


So after walking into Massage Envy and being asked if I wanted membership and I said NO. I paid for 3 massages in advance and used them in 1 month. I wasn’t watching my credit card bill but these fucking scam artists started charging me a membership fee for 6 months. Erin Jackson is the regional manager and she tried to asked like this is the first time this has ever happened. BULLSHIT it happens all the time. Employees are promised bonuses if their caught they will deal with it then. PS they hire sexual predictors

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Jan 13


I have been a member of Massage Envy for years. With the passage of time, I used their services less and less. I found other massage therapists that provided much higher quality service (and they actually delivered an hour massage instead of 45-50 minutes at Massage Envy). After accruing many “credits” for services I never used, I canceled my membership. Canceling is another hassle. The franchise tells me they don’t have a “procedure” to credit my account for fees that posted today. Total BS. Any vendor that accepts credit cards has the ability to credit charges back to an account holder. Yet another hassle with this company that is far more interested in billing your credit card every month that … Read More

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Jan 13

Legal Requirements For Disclosure

My sister purchased a gift massage for me and I decided I would rather use the money to purchase something else. On the receipt that they provided to my sister there is no legal disclosure that you can’t return the gift certificate. I have called and explained to them 3 time that they are breaking a consumer disclosure law and they simply say that is our policy.
So I contacted corporate and after I spoke with one person they transferred my call into a general voice mail.
I will not drop this and I am filing a complaint with consumer affairs, better business bureau and any other state organizations.
What is odd about this company is that it is simple … Read More

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Jan 13


I won 12 gifts cards for a massage & 12 gifts cards for a facial .. Free of charge. Cards each say good for a 1 hr facial & 1 hr massage. I used one in August & had a facial today. When I went to check out they told me today that my charge would be $49. I said “what”? It’s supposed to be free. They said I only got it free last time because it was my first visit & after that if I didn’t become a “member” that I would have to pay the additional $49 for non members. I raised a fuss about it because I won these gift cards & they said good for a … Read More

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Jan 13

Agents Lied. Then sent to collections

Short version: I went a few months ago and had a good massage. signed up for a membership being told I could cancel anytime. I then canceled only to be to do couldn’t and was locked into a year contract. I went in to speak to a manager but one wasn’t in so they told me to come the next day. Came the next day but “they were at lunch and would call me back”. Never got a call back and now I get a letter from a debt collector.

I would have never signed up for something that locked me into a contract. Thinking the initial term was questionable in the contract, I asked specifically if I could cancel … Read More

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