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Feb 08

Membership Cancellation Loophole

I moved from being a customer of one franchise in southern CA to another when I moved out of state. It took 6 months for them to transfer my membership to the local store. Once they did, not 1 of many credit cards I gave them would “work in their system”. As the location would not get their act together, I’ve just let my membership lapse as they told me not to worry about it and they would keep trying. Now I am “behind on payments”, which they consider a debt. I also have 4 unused massage appointments, which I also can’t utilize until I become current. They are threatening to send my account to collections. I cannot cancel unless … Read More

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Jan 06

Injured by Massage

My husband and I have been using Massage Envy’s services for several years in Meridian, Idaho. Due to an original car accident and neck injury I have spent close to $4,000 in massages within that time frame. I finally found a good therapist. On 11/18/15 my normal therapist Latisha was booked up so they set me up with a different therapist named Steve’ (a girl). I explained about a labral tear in my right shoulder and asked for her to work on my neck and back only. She focused a large majority of time on my Left shoulder, for some reason. She repeatedly separated my shoulder and pulled it apart. I asked her to stop and luckily she did on … Read More

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Dec 29

Lost dollars

I just cancelled my membership to Massage Envy and the manager of my clinic told me we could work something out so I could use my many unused massage visits. She never called back and I did not sign any paperwork. I called just this week to schedule on of my 20 unused massages, and they are all gone! $1180 down the drain and in someone’s pocket at Massage Envy. This company needs to be shut down for unethical practices.

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Dec 29

You have a gift card? So sorry, we have nothing available.

I have a number of gift cards on account with Massage Envy. Every time I try to use one, the seem not to be able to accommodate me due to heavy bookings. So, I began catching on and began asking for an appointment a week or 2 away. Wouldn’t you know, they’d take my reservation only to call me back the day before the appointment to tell me that they “accidentally” double booked. It’s a scam. Do not buy Massage Envy gift cards!!!

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Dec 29

I sold my massage soul!

I am currently an employee so please understand my anonymity.
Due to the need for a paycheck I went back to them because unfortunately working for the devil is sometimes easier.
I thought that this new location I was working for would be so much better as the owner was a Christian woman as she proclaimed. I thought if I could only help her understand the viewpoint of a massage therapist’s working condition then I could make a difference. Boy, I was dead wrong. She has become no different than the other countless franchise owners who are there to just abuse their employees. From the front desk staff to the massage therapist, we are all suffering while she builds her … Read More

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Dec 29


Massage Envy Columbia, SC manager Charmaine is obnoxious and told me she was doing payroll and shouldn’t have answered the phone to deal with me as a customer. I haven’t been into get a massage since October due to cancellations and I will not be back. I want credits which I know I wont receive anything from this company but I will contact the BBB and Angie’s list about this slack ass company that could care less about its customers.

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Dec 29

Massage Envy is horrible (Brickell location miami,fl)

Well first, massage therapists do not get hourly pay at all, not even minimum wage, so if there are no appointments they make 0$.Second,the backroom where the employees eat is about three feet from open garbage in other words all the garbage from the bathroom, the front desk trashes and so forth is right next to everyone , did i mention the room is exactly the size ofa medium sized mcdonalds rest room. ..third, the estheticians get paid an hourly rate BUT do not get paid for their facial services UNLESS they do 4 or more facials per day if not than even if you do two facials that day you will get paid your hourly 10$ an hour rate … Read More

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Dec 29

Can’t Sell to Minors so Parents have to go?

So today I sent my two daughters to their scheduled appointments at Massage Envy – Mechanicsville (Virginia). They are 21 and 17. They were told that the younger one couldn’t be in the massage room without a legal guardian present at all times (after the legal guardian signs a form). Here’s what blows — there is nothing on the website about your first visit having this requirement. While it is listed under “Membership”, this visit today was introductory. They snag you then want to high-pressure sell you into a membership. THAT’S why they want the legal guardian. They want the person who can make the decision to buy an ongoing membership. So, two massage therapists have no customers (therefore, no … Read More

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Sep 26

Changing Their Tune

My mom purchased a membership for herself about two years ago and it’s worked out great for her; she’s even used some of her saved massages for me. This past week, I called to make an appointment and asked if it was possible to use my mom’s saved massage–she even spoke to them on the phone to say it was fine. They refused, and said I would be charged the full non-member price for a massage. My mom asked if it would make a difference if she came in with me, and they told her no; I’d still be charged the non-member price. Called to try and cancel three different times before the day of the appointment and never got … Read More

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