Can’t Sell to Minors so Parents have to go?

So today I sent my two daughters to their scheduled appointments at Massage Envy – Mechanicsville (Virginia). They are 21 and 17. They were told that the younger one couldn’t be in the massage room without a legal guardian present at all times (after the legal guardian signs a form). Here’s what blows — there is nothing on the website about your first visit having this requirement. While it is listed under “Membership”, this visit today was introductory. They snag you then want to high-pressure sell you into a membership. THAT’S why they want the legal guardian. They want the person who can make the decision to buy an ongoing membership. So, two massage therapists have no customers (therefore, no tips) and I have two disappointed daughters. They should re-think how this works.

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  • smartlmt

    This JUST changed. It used to be hat you could sign the form and go if your child was 16 or older. The therapists are against this, because no 16-17 year old wants their parents in the room with them. *sigh* As a former employee, I can tell you my location RAILED against this, but the legal team at corporate wouldn’t budge.

  • Talaon

    Actually, it has to do with protecting both the therapist and the minor child.