Cancellation Request Ignored

So I’ve had an account with Massage Envy for a little over two years. The massage experiences I’ve had have been great, and my interactions with front desk staff have been fine, but the management are a bunch of criminals.

Their requirements for cancellation after your first year, which is compulsory, are that you come into your location in person and fill out a cancellation request form. Then the manager is supposed to call you, and try to convince you to stay or freeze your account. You will be charged one more time after requesting a cancellation, which is bullshit, but whatever. I filled out my form on the 8th of August, after which I was charged at my customary time on the 15th. No one contacted me. I filled out the form AGAIN on September 7th, and the front desk staff assured me that their manager would contact me right away. Again, it’s almost mid-week, and no one has contacted me. If they try to charge me again for this month, and think that they can get away with not contacting me as a way to keep my membership, they are sadly mistaken. I’ll be cutting them off at my bank, but it’s ridiculous that I’ll have to go to those lengths in order to cancel a simple membership. Other companies have memberships that don’t do this kind of thing, and get along just fine. So again, go there if you like fine massages (at least in my experience), but DO NOT open a membership with them. They will treat you abysmally.

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  • omg

    maybe you should read things carefully before signing them. you have to give 30 day notice in order to cancel after your first year. you cant just cancel in the middle because you want to unless you get a drs note or live 25 miles or more away from any massage envy. Dont sign contracts if you are just going to complain about them

    • mandalen

      No one should have to deal with that amount of BS to cancel regardless of what the contract says.

    • Jeff Garvin

      Your an idiot, or you run one of those clip joints