California Class Action Over Massage Forfeitures

I am Plaintiff’s counsel for a class action lawsuit against Massage Envy in San Diego Federal Court. The case is brought on behalf of California residents and challenges ME’s forfeiture of previously purchased massages when customers get behind on payments. The case is Hahn v. Massage Envy Franchising LLC, Case No. 3:12-cv-00153-DMS-BGS.

If you have had massages forfeited because you missed a monthly payment, had a credit card expire, etc., please share your experience as part of our case investigation. I can be reached at:

William R. Restis
501 West Broadway, Suite 1250
San Diego, CA 92101
Tel: 877-493-5366

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  • Debi Clark

    I have a “membership” as well. My card on file expired and when I went to make an appt. I was told my account is frozen until I put a new card number on file. I have 8 months of services that I have already paid for that I was not able to use and now they refuse to allow me to use the service I have already paid for because they want more money from me for services I do not want to purchases. Please add me to your class action. Debi Reynoso

  • Debi Clark

    I wish I knew all about their cancellation policies before I pre paid for 8 months and now they won’t let me use the services I already paid for. My card on file expired and they want a new one before I can use the services I already paid for. Complete rip off. I lost my job and paying $50 a month for a massage at this time is crazy. Give me the services I paid for or give me my money back.

  • chequeta robbins

    I have a “membership” as well. My card on file expired and when I didn’t update my account information the manager said there company generated an automated expiration. I was told my account was charge for 5 months with my new expiration date that I didn’t give them to put on file. I have 10 months of services that I have already paid for that I was not able to use and now they refuse to refund me the automatic renewal charges that I didn’t authorize. The manager said that if you don’t sign off on the contract that they will automatically sign you up. I have accumulated 12 sessions in which I don’t want to use because of unauthorized purchases was taken out of my account and poor customer services. This company has treated consumers unfair and showed unethical behavior towards customers who has paid for services. I am not pleased with the services of this company. poor management. Please add me to your class action. chequeta robbins.

  • Crystal Roy

    I signed the 12 month membership in Washington state, which took all of two minutes. I didn’t use the massage each month and the piled up. At the end of my 12 months I still had six unused massages (300.00) worth. I was not told I couldn’t use them after my 12 months was up unless I continued to pay for monthly. I refused to sign anything more. They keep calling saying my card is declined, charging without my permission. I am now told I can not use my 6 paid massages without paying for 4 more months. I’ve demanded a refund on the six massages remaining, even contacting corporate. They’re holding my massages or money hostage, basically. I REFUSE to pay them another cent. What can I do?

  • Daniel Martin

    I took my wife into get us massages on our anniversary when we were roped into contracts yes 2 of them so time went by and we couldnt get there enough, there is none in our town, so they built up we have 24 massages prepaid and not used they keep taking our money i cant stop them, i had an argument with the manager last week and told her i was getting a lawyer and to freeze our accounts, less than a week later they took 238 dollars all at once. and wont refund it. i have never had more pain from a place thats supposed to make you feel good, now i had to call the bank and have all future charges cancled. so im introuble and going to lose out on $1800.00 prepaid to them
    Dan martin

  • inquisitor
  • C.c. Earthly

    I had a membership and forfeited 13 monthly massages when I quit. They say you forfeit the massages when you cease your monthly payment like a gym membership, but their logic is faulty because if you remain you can use 13 massages in a a month or give a massage a month to a friend. So it is not like a gym membership by nature of how they let you stack them up. For me it was a time issue, I just didn’t have time to get a monthly massage and I tried to quit 6 months in and they wanted to charge me for the final month before I could quit. It’s. Huge ripoff.

  • John Henry Lunetta

    Same as the others: I have a huge stack of massages (liker 12 or more) that I cannot find time to use… they won’t let me get caught up and keep charging me for new massages. I asked them to stop charging me and let me use the ones I already bought; however, they say “they cannot do this as it is there policy to keep and active card on file”. This is theft.

  • Nursey

    I too have had a membership which has over 9 unused massages, but they will not allow me to book any appointments or use the services I’ve paid for because the card on file isn’t allowing them to charge me any more (I made sure of it after 6 months of charges and never being able to get any appointment) I’ve asked to cancel my membership, but I’m told I will forfeit all the massages I’ve already paid for if I do, yet I’m not allowed to book any of the paid massages until I pay the 4 months I now owe due to the card on file not being able to be charged. Basically I’m at an impasse. I asked for my account to have a temporary suspension when I was injured by their therapist and they said no problem, only to charge me $240 the following month with no explanation and no recourse available to me, and so here I sit with 9 unusable massages (total $540.00) and no help. Would love to join this suit.

  • M Diane Gibson

    I have missed no payments. However, I do have quite a few massages stacked up. ME told me that I could use these massages without paying further before I quit membership. (They have raised prices AGAIN!) However, they continue to take membership dues while I am trying to use up my already paid massages. So the cycle continues…..