I purchased $180.00 in gift cards to be used as business gifts and my own personal use.After the first use of the Gift Card, the Manager (Herah) and Owner (Aditi) at the Blossom Hill location in San Jose, California did not honor their agreements or terms of the policies.

They refused to refund or Credit back my account. Basically, they got their money and then played games. When I challenged them about the situation they acted like they were Bank of America…Beware of deceptive business practices and rude, arrogant attitude.

Do not patronize this location!!Bad business.

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  • Yvonne-Michelle Kirksey Lopez

    I really believe that when these people buy into this franchise that the corporation teaches them sneaky ways to make money like bombarding you after a good massage or not giving you all the details of the contract and not calling it a contract but instead calling it an agreement…all designed to herd a customer into their business and try to keep them there through coersion…you must pay even if you don’t use or we’ll sue…believe me when I worked for this ass backward company we therapist would hope and pray that the client would either be late or not show up so we could make “free money” and we could take time to rest…sorry for your experience but there are plenty of great therapist in business for themselves…I know I am…I hate ME

  • inquisitor

    Therapists and massage businesses should never sell massages in advance.

    Buy five in advance and get the sixth for free offers, gift certificates/gift cards, or memberships should never be a part of any ethical massage practice.

    People come should for massage on their own volition and will, not because someone bought them a gift card for massage.
    A personal referral from a satisfied customer to another person is most ideal.
    You pay after services are rendered.