bad first experience

My husband and I scheduled our first couples massage on Dec 13th. When we show up everything is cool, we get greeted , the atmosphere was pleasant and we were embracing the moment just going with the flow, then right when its time for our session to begin, the therapist calls my name first, and I tell her oh and my husband too? She looks at me like I am wrong and says , ‘no just you” and I politely tell her No, I booked a couples massage. And she walks off mumbling ‘well it AINT gonna happen today! ” and I turn to look at my husband like , wtf did she really just say this! ” and so we waited a few minutes and another therapist comes out and says , well there was a mix up they didn’t book ya’ll for the couples massage and it went spiraling down from there ! we were so pissed we just left, I emailed and called the manager BUT not surprised she has yet to get back to us on our complaint. NEVER going back to them again…

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  • Cynthia Lewis

    It would be nice if there were more awareness on the part of the public about how terribly therapists are treated at ME. They are underpaid, overworked, lied to, mistreated and then disposed of. When you spend your money at ME you are endorsing these poor working conditions. Yes, the therapist should have remained endlessly polite despite being treated like shit by customers and employer, but if you really want a consistently good experience, go see an independent therapist, or at least someone you know is well-treated. Massage is one service where you really do often get what you pay for.