Awful Everything

I worked for ME for 2 years. Promoted to assistant manager within the first year. Everything was fine until I started to realize how the company REALLY works. If youre not BFFS with the boss then you get lower raises, less opportunities within the company, and if another employees dislikes you for something personal and unrelated to work then they fire you.

I worked directly with the memberships and billing, mostly in collections. They made me call these lists on the daily and harass our members about missed payments (even those that had missed by a day due to credit card issues). Made me threaten each member with a collections agency if they didn’t pay up immediately. Just lost your job? Been in the hospital for a month on chemo? Kid just passed away? They don’t care, pay your bill or they will just keep harassing you on the daily.

I loved my clients and coworkers but the ones running the show were evil people only concerned with making the most money and didn’t give a shit about their clientele or employees.

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  • Khalil

    It sounds like you needed to work for a different location. They all don’t operate that way.