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Jan 24

Thieves and Shysters

My husband was a repeat customer at Massage Envy, Wheaton, Illinois. The massages were so-so but this shop was pretty much the only game in town at the time (approximately two years ago).

After my husband disrobed and was face down on the table, he removed and handed the employee his Tag Heuer watch, (retail value of $2,000). Mind you. He didn’t drop it or leave it in the waiting room. He placed it into the hand of the therapist while in the massage room.

Thirty minutes after leaving, he realized he left the watch with her. He called their facility, explained what had happened to a manager, and was told he would receive a call back. A full day … Read More

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Jan 23

Using someone else’s credit card.

The Massage Envy in Normal, IL used my credit card and was not authorized to do so. To make a long story short, I used my credit card to book three massages, one for myself, my mother, and my friend- key word is I used it to BOOK not pay. My friend ended up surprising us and paid for all three of us. After our massages, my mother decided to sign up for a monthly membership. She put a credit card on her account and all was well for months. Unfortunately, her credit card on file expired so when Massage Envy ran it, it was declined. Instead of calling my mother to get a new credit card number, they used … Read More

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Jan 23

Won’t Honor Gift Card

In the midst of breast cancer therapy, my wife bought me a gift card for a massage for my birthday. Between illness and raising three teens, I lost the card. I called the store and was told they could find no record of the purchase. Strange, so I stopped by. Yes sir, we do see your wife paid 83.46 for your card. Great, we’re in business I thought. I was then told that they couldn’t give me another card or even just book a massage and honor it. Nothing. Nada. I can’t believe it!

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Jan 22

Finally got some help

After close to a year of empty promises of call backs and resolution of being 1. overcharged and 2. stalling over canceling my membership. I know franchising well enough to know that corporate headquarters can rarely do anything for you unless their franchisee has broken the law or their policy but I also know that every Corporate Headquareters will always have binding clauses for franchisees about customer disputes. So I resorted to LinkedIn to find who at their Corporate Headquarters to talk to in order to resolve my issue as there was no way that stalling cancelations for months was not against the binding clause. I then called their Corporate Headquarters and requested the contact information for Robert Fish, sent … Read More

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Jan 19

New class action suit filed against Massage Envy in Florida

MIAMI (Legal Newsline) – A recently filed class action lawsuit filed against a national massage chain alleged the company’s business practices were unfair and deceptive because it won’t honor prepaid massages for customers who cancel their memberships.

Fumiko Robinson filed the lawsuit against Massage Envy Franchising on Nov. 26 in Broward County Circuit Court in Florida. It was removed to U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on Jan. 5.

Patrons pay $59 per month to Massage Envy for one massage per month, the lawsuit said. The prepaid massages that can’t be scheduled during the month roll over to the next month. However, if the customer cancels the membership, they can’t receive those rolled over massages, the complaint … Read More

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Apr 25


A few weeks ago, I went to Massage Envy for my first massage ever. My massage therapist talked during the ENTIRE massage, and the massage itself was very mediocre. When I was checking out, they let me know they had over 30 massage therapists, and that perhaps I could try someone else next time. I agreed, and after seeing the “Member” discount on the wall, asked if I could become a member. Of course the girl at the desk signed me up, did not explain ANYTHING about it to me (all I saw was the sign on the wall that said I could get one reduced-price massage per month). Because she didn’t explain anything, I assumed it was just a … Read More

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Apr 14

How I got burned

I went in for a regular hot stones massage and came out with a 2nd degree burn that I needed to go to urgent care for and receive a antibiotic ointment for…also went back to massage envy the next day to show the manager and she tried to make it look like I was to blame saying “you probably put something on your skin before the treatment”

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Mar 13


Massage Envy is the Walmart of massage. And just like Walmart the top guys make massive amounts of money and the people working hard to please their clients are a paycheck away from welfare. Working there full time being single with children i am eligible for food stamps :(
They don’t care about their workers , making them do their massages and all the things a real spa would hire a spa attendant for, like laundry and hauling around 25 pound laundry bags when they do have a minute to themselves for no pay. They do really well and cut corners anywhere they can and some of it would make you double think your membership!

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Feb 21

Massage Envy treats it’s therapists like sh*t

If by chance you actually still go to a Massage Envy, by all means at least treat your therapist kindly. The owners of the location I work for (soon to *not* work for) treat their (licensed and highly trained) therapists like they are a dime a dozen. And will even tell the therapists this. The pay is crap, and we depend on gratuities in order to make ends meet. The owners even pick and choose who to give holiday bonuses to based on whether or not they “like” a therapists personally. Seriously, I have this I’m writing. They rip off therapists by doing shady (and often illegal) payroll practices, sick and vacation time is nonexistent, there are no medical benefits, … Read More

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