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Jul 26

Paying for services not rendered

I purchased a membership for myself then months output later I added my teenage daughter. So at this time I am paying for two of us to go once a month for an hour. Several years ago my husband was laid off and I called to see if we could put the account on hold till we both had jobs. They were kind and said no problem, but your credits you have at this time will not be able to be used until you re-activate your membership.  I stated to the women on the phone that was not right, I have already paid for that service and shoUld be able to use them. They told me then that this was … Read More

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Jul 22

Massage Envy Hillsboro Oregon

I am furious with this company.  I was promised when I signed up for the membership that they would not have the monthly fees automatically deducted from my account that I could pay them when I came in for my massage.  Not true.  They kept my credit card information that I used for my first visit prior to signing a contract.  When I approached them they refused to stop the automatic withdrawl.  I used the six month membership and gave them 30 days notice, filled out the necessary paper work and accommonied that with a letter and a phone call.  They assured me that it was taken care of and my membership had been cancelled.  Not the case.  They have … Read More

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Jul 05

Letter from Former Employee

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist who worked for the Turtle Crossing’s Massage Envy clinic in Coral Springs, FL from February 2011 to July 1, 2012. My husband was also employed by this clinic, although he only worked one shift per week. On July 1, after our shift, we were brought into the office together by one of the therapists, who I assume has been given management responsibilities, to be ‘let go’. We were given the vague reason of it being ‘not a good fit’, which she continued to repeat when we asked for a specific reason. First of all, it was quite unprofessional to lump us together, just because we are married. We are individuals with individual work ethics. … Read More

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Jun 04

$100 Stolen From Us By Massage Envy

My fiance and I signed up for a membership so that we would be able to have monthly couples massages. We noticed after a few months that my fiance was missing massages we had paid for but not received. Massage Envy Sherman Oaks quickly noticed that a Massage Envy in Colorado had a client with the same exact name as my fiance and that my fiance’s credits had been going to this woman with the same name. More than 4 months have passed and we still have not resolved this issue. Now we can’t have massages together because we are missing credits. No one disputes the fact that there was a “mix up” between locations but Massage Envy of Sherman … Read More

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Mar 11

Is it true that we get what we pay for?

I love the picture at the top of this page…a serene client on the table, expecting to get a great, relaxing massage with an angry massage therapist streaming oil on her back. In truth, I’m sure that fits the scene much of the time.

I know massage therapists who have worked at Massage Envy, and every one of them came to dislike their job. Who wouldn’t? Low pay for hard work, and not being paid unless they did work (but were expected to be on site anyway). What a wonderful energy exchange, to have an angry, resentful therapist working on YOUR body!

Is it true that we get what we pay for? Isn’t there always a catch when things seem Read More

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Jan 25

Bait and Switch

Company uses bait and switch tactics to get your business. They tell you that they have an introductory price for your first visit, then after the massage is over they charge full price. They are not very honest with potential clients and make all sorts of excuses after service is provided to not give the discount provided. I was told it must have been a training issue, their computer won’t allow them to make changes, etc.. They make no effort to rectify the situation and basically treat you like scum. Stay away from this business they will cheat you out of your money.

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Jan 08

I was sexually assaulted by a Massage Envy therapist

On December 27, 2011 I went to Massage Envy for a 2 hour massage. I have chronic migraines and upper back and neck pain so what should have been an appt of healing and relaxation was anything but that. The massage therapist at massage envy sexually assaulted me. I have been getting massages for the last 12 years at massage envy, cruise ships, resorts, ect. Therefore this was not something that can be chalked up as a misunderstanding or an overreaction on my part. I’m well aware of what is and isn’t an appropriate place to touch or expose. I left the facility in shock, confused, foggy, disgusted, felt dirty, gross and in disbelief. I reported the incident immediately and … Read More

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Jan 07

Rip off!

I received a gift card for Massage Envy and upon my first visit I paid $39. Because I did not sign up for a membership my next massage will cost me $98!! Absurd!! I can get three massages from any independent massage therapist for that price! When you DO try to get an appointment they always ask you if you are a member; if you are not a member you can’t get an appointment for days! And they WILL TELL YOU that if you are a member you can get in sooner! It’s all about filling those big corporate wallets! Don’t give this greedy corporation any more business!!!

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Jan 06

Ex Employee of Massage Envy

One of my good friends worked at the front desk of a massage envy. It was her first job so she took what she could get. after three weeks of her working there she would just repeat the same script over and over again for a membership. They completely drilled it into her brain. When I asked her why she kept repeating it she told me it was because she had to get 40 membership sales a week or she would be fired. That is just completely ridiculous to me. High pressure sales are why I avoid most places and I’m sure i’m not the only one. These people need to get their shit together!

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Dec 22

Harder Please

Dear Massage Envy,

I wish you would have made this easier for both of us – fortunately for me I’m on vacation for the rest of  the year, all my Christmas shopping is done…and I have nothing but time on my hands.

After being totally screwed by your deceptive sales tactics, a quick search of the good ole’ World Wide Web led me to hundreds, if not thousands, of other disgruntled Massage Envy customers. I felt it only appropriate to give everyone else one place to share the ironically stressful and frustrating experience they have had with Massage Envy Spa. Yes, as you have mentioned, I have apparently signed a contract which obligated me to pay for months of massages … Read More

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