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Feb 08

Membership Cancellation Loophole

I moved from being a customer of one franchise in southern CA to another when I moved out of state. It took 6 months for them to transfer my membership to the local store. Once they did, not 1 of many credit cards I gave them would “work in their system”. As the location would not get their act together, I’ve just let my membership lapse as they told me not to worry about it and they would keep trying. Now I am “behind on payments”, which they consider a debt. I also have 4 unused massage appointments, which I also can’t utilize until I become current. They are threatening to send my account to collections. I cannot cancel unless … Read More

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Feb 08

Freeze Plus (Use your prepaid massages while having a frozen account)

Freeze Plus is an option to use on your account when you want to use your prepaid (un-used) sessions. All you do is pay a $10 fee (I know, right- another fee!) and you can use those sessions without paying $60 a month. They are supposed to offer this to you if have 5+ sessions and they believe you are at-risk for cancelling your membership.

Keep in mind that this information is probably not even known to many clinics yet as the company is still rolling it out. This shift in policy is stemming from the result of the lawsuit.

Their execution of this is dodgy and is likely to result in billing errors since they have to write down … Read More

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Jan 06

Injured by Massage

My husband and I have been using Massage Envy’s services for several years in Meridian, Idaho. Due to an original car accident and neck injury I have spent close to $4,000 in massages within that time frame. I finally found a good therapist. On 11/18/15 my normal therapist Latisha was booked up so they set me up with a different therapist named Steve’ (a girl). I explained about a labral tear in my right shoulder and asked for her to work on my neck and back only. She focused a large majority of time on my Left shoulder, for some reason. She repeatedly separated my shoulder and pulled it apart. I asked her to stop and luckily she did on … Read More

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Jan 01

Horrible place to work… Low pay and no breaks

I have worked at massage envy location in CA for a little over 5 years. I absolutely love my clients and enjoy all our sessions together. My problem is the way they pay. You get paid either your wages or commission (unit pay) whichever is higher at the end of the pay period. So for example I work 36 hours a week and maybe see 10 people during that pay period I would get paid an hourly rate so that time spent with my client I don’t get paid my unit pay, just the hourly. It is a complete joke. So all that money just ends up going to the owner pockets. How is this legal?????? We should be paid … Read More

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Jan 01

Terminated for Reporting Sexual Assault Against Me

Was employed at the Massage Envy La Mirada, CA location for 6 months. Nicest owners, not so nice were the other supervisors. I was sexually assaulted. Reported it to them, truthfully; and according to their standards, “not immediately enough”. And thus was terminated for reporting it not soon enough. This is evil. This really happened. This violator, a truly deceptive man with a real sexual problem as I came to discover only too late, had come off (maybe a ruse?) as a decent, nice, fairly regular client for about 2 months with whom there had been no issues. When he finally did give me a problem to report, I had tried to find a manager. None on duty, they were … Read More

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Dec 30

poor sales tactics ..bordering criminal

My sister inlaw is a manager at massage envy..she is exceptional at deep tissue and in 20yrs of enjoying massages at various businesses, I have yet to find a therapist as good as her. So, with this being said, I went into the local massage envy where she works and spoke to a manager about getting a massage. I paid regular price and when I came out he spoke to me about signing up for a yr. I said I wasn’t the type to commit to contract because my massages were based on my training regiment (I could go a yr without one or need one every week). He said he would give me family rates because of my sister … Read More

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Dec 29

Lost dollars

I just cancelled my membership to Massage Envy and the manager of my clinic told me we could work something out so I could use my many unused massage visits. She never called back and I did not sign any paperwork. I called just this week to schedule on of my 20 unused massages, and they are all gone! $1180 down the drain and in someone’s pocket at Massage Envy. This company needs to be shut down for unethical practices.

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Dec 29

You have a gift card? So sorry, we have nothing available.

I have a number of gift cards on account with Massage Envy. Every time I try to use one, the seem not to be able to accommodate me due to heavy bookings. So, I began catching on and began asking for an appointment a week or 2 away. Wouldn’t you know, they’d take my reservation only to call me back the day before the appointment to tell me that they “accidentally” double booked. It’s a scam. Do not buy Massage Envy gift cards!!!

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Dec 29


I purchased an e-card for a gift for Christmas ! They charged me twice and I need my $ 100 refunded to me ASAP! Have called 4 times will not call back and emailed them 4 times and no response ! If anyone knows how to get to the ecard support line please let me know ! Thanks Theresa

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