Attempted Sexual Assualt

Went to massage Envy in Avondale, said I wanted deep tissue, my back only…needless to say he states he does “structual” which means no lotion or oil. The entire massage consisted of him pulling muscles from each breast area (I was Face down) but he was pulling so hard my arm and chest came right up off the table, he continued to feel in the area under my arm and then asks, “how long have you had your implants” So the entire time he was looking at and massaging the sides of my breasts!! I was never so violated in my life!! I went in and filed a complaint and the results of the investigation is, they are going to give him more training. F….in pervert. I’ll go to the board tomorrow.

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  • MM

    This therapist definately needs more training!!! They aren’t even supposed to offer structural at massage envy!! AND if the therapist was trained properly, the therapist would have known you dont lotion clients body, therapist puts lotion on thier hand, arm, elbow, etc so there is no true discomfort, pulling, tugging, etc.