Like many others I too am annoyed and disgusted with Massage Envy. Yes I have experienced something similar as you all have. Signed a contract used it for about 6 months to almost a year. Decided to cancel membership because I was going out of the country for several months and did not want to put membership on hold. I had already prepaid for 2 sessions that I had not used and they told me that I had 30 days from the cancelation date to use them up. Called to schedule an appointment on the 27th day of the month and the girl at the desk (who had attitude and was kind of rude btw) informed me that I wasn’t able to use them because too much time had gone by. (WTH??? Too much time had gone by? Last time I checked there were still 30 days in the month of September, 2012 so technically I still had 3 days to use them up). This was unacceptable so I then asked to speak with a manager who was not “available”. Got a call back from the same girl informing me that the manager was not going to honor my prepaid sessions because I supposedly let too much time go by. So to conclude, I lost out on roughly $120 of my money. Bottom line is that if you sign a contract with this company be very careful and read the fine print. Also, when you do eventually decide to cancel you will probably lose out on some of your hard earned money to this company for no reason. They really do not want you to cancel and they will try everything to keep you from doing so or to continue charging you. I will never recommend this company to anyone. The only I regret I have aside from signing a contract with ME is that I didn’t call my credit card company to dispute the charges after the incident occurred. When I got back from overseas too much time had gone and it was too late to pursue this matter with my credit card company. Just know that you can call your credit card company and they might be able to help you.

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  • Megan Smith

    I hope this hasn’t put you off of massage forever. There are so many self employed massage therapists who would LOVE to have you as a client and will treat you with the respect you deserve :)