A company that could care less

I worked for Massage Envy almost 7 years (at different locations) and the last one for over 5 years. If you want to make a living as a massage therapist (not a masseuse, thank you) will have to work over 35 hours a week and I guarantee your body will not hold up long working that many hours a week! The front desk and management are beyond clueless. They are hardly ever there and can never answer any questions. They thrive off of intimidation and empty threats to keep you from leaving. You get no vacation and the so called benefits (which they have to offer now) are only good if you work 30+ hours a week…….good luck, you are going to need insurance to fix your broken body! After the 5+ years of full time service, and being one of the top 2 therapists requested consistently, they just let me walk out the door. The management didn’t say a single word in 2 weeks to me about my departure. The owner also said nothing to me, I am so pissed off that I gave such a shitty company that many years of my life. They are there for one reason and one reason only……MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! They don’t care about clients or employees!

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  • Khalil

    Honestly, it just sounds like you didn’t work for the right Massage Envy. There are a 1,000 locations, it’s unfortunate that your experience effected your opinion on the business but at the end of the day they all operate so differently, that has nothing to do with the brand.

    • TinaDexler

      All Massage Envy SUCK!

      • kerstin

        yes they do ! I worked there for almost 3 years and recently made that move and now working as an independent contractor with 50 % comission , and i am building up my own clientele on the side ..I make way more money now , work less than i did at massage envy , I was the most requested Therapist there , do you think i got a bonus or a raise for that ???NO , all i got was a stupid certificate …a teacher in massage school told us ME is the mc Donalds of massages and she was right , i shouldve listened ..NEVER AGAIN !!!!

  • Cynthia Lewis

    Khalil, I’m a massage therapist, many former classmates have worked at massage envies. 100% of their experiences have been negative. And from reading extensively about ME, they may be run by individuals, but they are still a chain, and just like a McDonalds or Burger King, everything is standardized down to the smallest detail. There are NO Massage Envies who pay a living wage, period. I challenge you to point to even one that pays therapists fairly. None offer health insurance without working at least 30 contact hours, and working that many hours will guarantee you’re gonna need to utilize that health insurance! I have no idea how good or bad the health insurance coverage is, because no one ever gets it. It’s solely there as a BS recruitment enticement. ME also habitually hard sells the memberships and refuses to let people out of their contracts even when they repeatedly cancel validly under the terms of the contract. This is so prevalent that I suspect it is actually the official practice of ME and taught to managers. Basically ME makes its money not by charging the market rate for a competent massage, but by preying on both recent massage school graduates and members of the public who are either clueless about what good massage is, and/or so cheap they don’t care about quality.

  • Patrickwinz

    My location pays around $25 and hour full health benefits working 26 hours or more they also bring in board certified chiropractors twice a month to help the therapist and staff. Our owners and managers are in the office almost every day and answer any questions we might have. They have even gone so far as to give out personal loans if a therapist runs into money issues. They pay for continuing education after a year of service. We get bonuses for years of service and service hour goals. I fee l like I have a family here and I’m sorry to hear you were treated so poorly. I just wanted to let others know that not every single massage envy is bad like stated above.

    • tiredmt

      Um, I don’t know how your post was 2 months ago because according to our owner at a Southern Chicagoland location Massage Envy as a corporation raised the full time hours to 30 hours per week. Supposedly due to Obamacare yet I still have to pay for health insurance through the exchange. The owner has used the rues of us not having enough full time employees to get those type of benefits. I would love to know what location you work at because it sounds like a paradise compared to the various locations I have worked for. Also, the highest paid rate is in the Chicago Loop location in Illinois which is $19 per worked hour and the going rate is $17 in suburbs. And we get no pay if there are no massages.
      I used to feel like family at my location but the owner has become so greedy because she is building a new house. Also, we have numerous therapist and front desk staff that is on food stamps because they can’t support themselves at that wage in our area. The average cost of living by me is $52000/year. Our full time massage therapist make between $18000-$30000/year if we are lucky.

  • kelley roche

    Patrick if you work in California or NY maybe I could see the $25.00/hr. Massage Envy has a scale and it starts at $15/hr raising $1 after completion of 600 hrs (old schedule). Topping at $20/hr. There are RT’s and SPFF’s and other to raise the hourly. It is up to each clinic to decide whether they want to offer health or chiropractic. Our clinic has free chiropractic which is based upon hours worked weekly. I receive 3 free adjustments/mo. Our clinics have helped therapists in financial difficulty and that’s their personal choice. Ours pays 1/2 our liability insurance yearly but there are guidelines. Are you saying that your Envy pays your health insurance for you? That I’m not believing as few to no employers pay that nationally.