“1 hour + tip” gift card requires $50.00 cash for massage?

Received a gift card stating “1 hour + tip” from a dear friend. Having been listed in their evil computer network as I had been there for a massage five years ago (another gift from a friend) I was informed my “1 hour + tip” gift card would require a $50.00 cash payment in order to receive a 1 hour massage…something about it being an introductory price and since it was my first time, did not apply to me. Spoke to manager and owner who refused to honor it…SHOCKING!

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  • Liz

    You can receive the introductory price every 6 months. There are 1k+ locations – find a different one. Seems like a management issue.

    • MEdude

      Yes, probably another unscrupulous owner/manager combo.

      Why haven’t you found another ME to whore yourself at Liz? Restricted in the system perhaps?

      • mk

        Why are you such an asshole MEdude?

    • drock

      Not all locations honor the 6 month, renewed intro rate.

  • chared99

    ME prays on you to sign a 1 yr contract but they tell you when you sign up you can cancel anytime but when you do they blow smoke and play games, Say No to prepaid massages’ there are many places that do it for 50 dollars for an hour. It’s like a GYM in January 50k people sign up they go hardcore in Jan-Feb then in March they skip a week here and there then in April they don’t go at all. Yet your paying a monthly fee every month regardless if you go or not. Lock you in; that is the principle behind ME.. if you don’t use your prepaid massages they expire like AT&T minutes, they don’t carry over that is the Money Maker Tree,