Apr 16

A company that could care less

I worked for Massage Envy almost 7 years (at different locations) and the last one for over 5 years. If you want to make a living as a massage therapist (not a masseuse, thank you) will have to work over 35 hours a week and I guarantee your body will not hold up long working that many hours a week! The front desk and management are beyond clueless. They are hardly ever there and can never answer any questions. They thrive off of intimidation and empty threats to keep you from leaving. You get no vacation and the so called benefits (which they have to offer now) are only good if you work 30+ hours a week…….good luck, you are … Read More

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Mar 24

WA Location

I have been going to Massage Envy for years because I travel for work. Some locations are great, some are not so great. I recently moved to Washington and my mom got me a Massage Envy membership for Christmas. I went to my first massage at the location and I had little problems like, it was cold in there and I couldn’t understand my masseuse’s mumbling. I told them that, and instead of them turning the heat up, it was put into my file that I needed a heater in the room I am placed in. I’m not a freeze baby. I run hot. If I’m cold then every other guests are cold. They also told me not to use … Read More

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Mar 15

Savage Minnesota Location

I don’t know if anyone has been to the Massage Envy in Savage, MN, but they are honestly the best place I’ve found. I had a bad experience with a few other Massage Envy locations in the Twin Cities, but the Savage location is truly honest and amazing. The best customer service experience I’ve had in a long time! I agree with a lot of these reviews, some locations are awful and have 0 customer service skills, but seriously try out the Savage location. They wont let you down. I recommend Dawn for deeper work or sometimes I like to do some relaxation work with Lindsey.

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Mar 09

What a joke!

I have been a member since 2009. The location in north Ft. Worth Alliance town square is a joke. You can not get an appointment less than 2 weeks out, yet twice in the past 3 months my massage has been canceled the day of. You see my fiancé and I have 4 kids we don’t get free time often. So when we schedule the both of us at the same time for a massage a month out, we are really looking forward to it the day it comes. On 2 out of the 3 last attempts one of us has been called and canceled on with no care about the fact that we had 2 massages scheduled. When asked … Read More

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Mar 05

Rip Off!

I was somewhat disappointed. first of all, they told me they were relatively new and I had a hard time scheduling a ‘couples’ massage. When we finally got the date, I later got a call and was told my therapist had the day off and I would have to reschedule (I scheduled weeks in advance). I tried to avoid Valentines Day because I figured it would be busy but we ended up doing it on Valentines day. We got there and everyone was nice. By the time the girls came to get us, it was 8 minutes after my appointment. Then they took time to talk to us and then left the room for us to get undressed. When it … Read More

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Mar 03


As a receptionist for this company I felt like I was constantly breaking confidentiality with clients by doing intakes for the therapists. The are the trained professionals and have the training to do so. Also, it made me very uncomfortable when asked to read the therapists notes about the session in order to come up with something else to sell to them… Could they be any greedier? Maybe for once just give a crap about the clients and stop thinking they are an endless flow of money. Their health and well being might just be a little more important. Just maybe.

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Mar 01

Just give it up

I used to work for this company. Not sure if I would call this place a clinic. Its more like the city dump. With a toilet bowl that will not flush. Working here for me was like being stuck in a constipated rectum. The managers and owners do not care about the employees or clients. They are a money hungry corporation after only the dollars in your pocket.

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