Mar 03


As a receptionist for this company I felt like I was constantly breaking confidentiality with clients by doing intakes for the therapists. The are the trained professionals and have the training to do so. Also, it made me very uncomfortable when asked to read the therapists notes about the session in order to come up with something else to sell to them… Could they be any greedier? Maybe for once just give a crap about the clients and stop thinking they are an endless flow of money. Their health and well being might just be a little more important. Just maybe.

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Mar 01

Just give it up

I used to work for this company. Not sure if I would call this place a clinic. Its more like the city dump. With a toilet bowl that will not flush. Working here for me was like being stuck in a constipated rectum. The managers and owners do not care about the employees or clients. They are a money hungry corporation after only the dollars in your pocket.

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Feb 16

Frustrating Appointment Request

I sent my appointment request on Saturday night. The next day, The representative called me to confirm the appointment and asked me if I could change the time of that day I request. I agreed to change the time and I also reminded her I have a free 1 hour massage coupon. Then, she wanted me to hold on……and then the phone was hung up. So I called back to confirm if I am on the schedule. The representative told me that I wasn’t on the schedule and the appointments of this month are all booked. I told her about the confirmation phone call and she just told me again the schedule is all full. So, I ask her do … Read More

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Feb 14

Total BS

I Scheduled an appointment for 1.5hr massage and after waiting 45 minutes was told they couldn’t do my service because I take pain medications. WTF shouldn’t that be something they ask prior to booking the appointment? I’m Sure most patrons with chronic pain issue take meds. The Manager had no care in the world of my time wasted. And had the nerve to say they could service me another time. Just don’t medicate 2 days before. I told her they could never help me because they suck. Policy or not.

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Feb 14

Massage Envy Clermoint

My wife signed me up for a year of Massages through Massage Envy in Clermont, Florida. One of the massages I received the masseuse was very rough and I was unable to go for a couple of months but continued to pay according to my contract. I started the massages again February 06, 2015 and asked to talk to the manager about catching up on the massages owed to me.
Beau the manager never returned my call an when I went to get a massage today I asked him why he didnt return my call he told me he was told not to by the owner whose name is Debbie not to return my calls.
Debbie came out started screaming … Read More

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Feb 09

Don’t go there

I was A former employee for massage envy. The clinic administrators don’t care. The one in particular that I work for her name was Dyna. She was very short and nasty with the customers. Talked about the employees behind their back. Clearly unprofessional. I was written up before because a therapist said that I had an attitude with them. When asked who the therapist was so I could right my wrong she then said she couldn’t disclose that information (mind you I had only been working there for a month and only said hi and bye to everyone so I honestly had no idea who it was but felt bad) but Dyna kept on she would make comments and say … Read More

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Feb 08

irate customer

I received gift cards for massage envy and scheduled an appointment but they said I need a credit card on file…for personal and safety reasoning, I feel a credit card is not needed if you have a massage envy gift card and what about people who have no credit/debit cards….such an inconvenience when someone purchased you a gift card without notice of their unreasonable policy. Hell, of there concerned about a missed appointment for a opening then charge the gift card the cancellation fee….so angry…I have contacted BBB, corporate next, then a lawyer.

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Feb 04

Rip Off

My husband and I both purchased memberships from the Massage Envy in Southampton, Pa. A month after we joined, we signed our college age son up for a year membership also. Although we ended up being dissatisfied with most of our massages we honored our commitment. Towards the end of our son’s year, we noticed that he had not been able to use a lot of his time, so I spoke to the manager and told her that we were not going to be renewing his membership. I signed the papers. She told me that she would happily extend his service an extra month (at no extra cost) so that he could have the opportunity to use some of his … Read More

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Jan 31

Awful Everything

I worked for ME for 2 years. Promoted to assistant manager within the first year. Everything was fine until I started to realize how the company REALLY works. If youre not BFFS with the boss then you get lower raises, less opportunities within the company, and if another employees dislikes you for something personal and unrelated to work then they fire you.

I worked directly with the memberships and billing, mostly in collections. They made me call these lists on the daily and harass our members about missed payments (even those that had missed by a day due to credit card issues). Made me threaten each member with a collections agency if they didn’t pay up immediately. Just lost your … Read More

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Jan 24

Age Requirements

After requesting an appointment online and calling twice, I go to my first appointment with Massage Envy. Filling out the papers the last question is are you under 18? I ask about the question since I’m 17 and they said a parent needs to be with me during the clinic just because I am a minor. Obviously my parents trust me enough to get me a gift card and allow me to drive myself there after planning my own appointment. Why do I need parent? Their response was something might happen during the clinic… What is going to happen?! You are suppose to be professional, then nothing should happen and having a parent there won’t stop said accident or help. … Read More

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